Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!  Tomorrow is Easter and I will be celebrating it with my family as always.  Above is my small Easter display with some of my favorite vintage rabbit things.  There is a Steiff stuffed rabbit, a white chalkware rabbit, and my favorite vintage tin - a rare old Brer Rabbit Sugar Cane Syrup can.
Do you remember in my previous post, I shared with you my two purchases from Country Roads?  Well, one of them is featured in the photo above.  As you can see I've already put it to good use.  My vintage parts cabinet is now full of "parts" and properly labeled.  I love vintage objects that help me organize!  It was hard to decide what to put in this cabinet.  When it comes to most of my jewelry-making materials, a small cabinet like this will not do.  For things like gemstone beads, vintage brass stampings, and old glass cabochons, I have giant sections of the garage dedicated to their storage....such amounts would never fit in a small cabinet like this one.  So I knew that this particular cabinet would have to hold things very special things that I have only a small amount of.  I decided to make this cabinet my "antique focal piece cabinet".  It's mainly for unique things that I have picked up at the flea markets that are very old and very inspiring. 

(Below)  Top four drawers - cameos, charms, dress clips/buckles, and watches/lockets
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(Below) Middle four drawers - religious items, French items, animals, and hearts/crowns
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(Below) Bottom four drawers - buttons, bracelets, plastic/celluloid, and miscellaneous
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Each of these old pieces is patiently waiting its turn to become the center of attention in one of my jewelry designs.  Vintage pieces certainly are inspiring and yet, very challenging to work with. Each one of my designs can certainly be called a labor of love. If I didn't love the process, I wouldn't put in so much of the time and effort that is required when working with old things. But I have to has become very addictive!

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